“How Can You Do This To A Human Being” — People React To Video Of A Man Who Was Caught Stealing

From extreme punishments to public humiliation and even death, jungle justice has been prevailing in most parts of this country and even though this outrageous act is condemned by the federal government, some people and even law enforcement officers do engage in it, leaving many law breakers bruised, injured, and some dead.

in this video that has make rounds on social media, a man is seen tied up to a tree with chains on his feet as he answers questions by local vigilantes who apprehended him when he was stealing in a near by shop.

this video has since stirred up mix reactions and has gotten many people expressing their thoughts on the issue. Below are some of the comments.

Stan Ilo wrote : “The way you guys are treating this young man is very bad, how can you do this to a human being. I bet you he is not worst than any of you there just that he was unlucky. I am not supporting the suspect but justice should be tampered with mercy and punishment should suit the crime. I am tired of all these jungle justice in Nigeria”.

Monday Ehigie wrote : “Team up and get the politicians and tie them up like this for causing hunger in the nation. I am not supporting him for his wrong doing but you guys are wicked”.

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