Hero NYPD transit cops save man who collapsed on subway tracks

Two NYPD cops saved a man who collapsed on a subway platform and fell onto the tracks as an A-train approached the station on Sunday.

Officers Christopher Cerny and Gary Lamour saw the unidentified man in the midst of a medical episode fall on the tracks at the 14th Street and Eight Avenue station, police said.

Yesterday afternoon, Officers Cerny and Lamour from @NYPDTransit District 2, observed a man have a medical episode and fall onto the tracks as a train was approaching the station

Body cam footage posted to Twitter shows one of the officers signaling the drive of the train with a flashlight as a northbound A train lights up the tunnel on the way to the station.

After the train stopped, one of the officers jumps down onto the tracks and helps lift the man back onto the platform, the footage shows.

The man was later taken by EMS to Bellevue Hospital, according to the NYPD.

Officers Cerny and Lamour

Transit Chief Kathleen O’Reilly commended the officers in a Twitter post Monday.

“A glimpse of how Transit cops saved a man in medical distress yesterday,” the tweet said.

“This life-saving rescue would not have been possible without our officers’ quick actions & the alertness of the @NYCTSubway train operator.”


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