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Here Are Sixteen Meals That Can Be Made With Rice(How Many Have You Tasted?)

Here Are Sixteen Meals That Can Be Made With Rice(How Many Have You Tasted?)

Rice is eaten in some shape or form in every country in the world. Here is a checklist of sixteen rice dishes. How many have you eaten?

Jollof Rice: Jollof Rice is a very popular Nigerian food. It is prepared by boiling rice in tomato stew. Potential garnishing includes, but is not limited to: assorted meat, crayfish, vegetables etc.

Sushi: This is a traditional Japanese delicacy. The ingredients consist mainly of specially prepared rice with raw seafood and vegetables.

Coconut Rice: This is a delicious meal that is made by boiling rice with coconut milk.

Nigerian Dirty Rice: This is a one pot dish. Add spices, liver and stir fry everything.

Rice Krispies: Rice is the main ingredient of popular cereal Rice Krispies. Have you tasted it?

Tuwo Shinkafa: This is a rice based dish from Northern Nigeria. It is usually served with soups.

Nigerian Fried Rice: This is another widely popular dish in Nigeria. It is famous for it’s yellow colour. Ingredients include: meat stock, vegetables, thyme, curry powder etc.

Rice Bread: Rice can be used to make rice flour which is an alternative to wheat flour. This is used to make gluten free rice bread.

Chinese Fried Rice: This delicious recipe is made by stir frying rice with vegetables, egg and soy sauce over high heat.

Kunun Gyada: This is a type of light porridge from Northern Nigeria which is made from rice blend and ground nut milk.

Risotto: Risotto is an Italian rice dish, which involves cooking rice in a meat, fish or vegetable broth until it becomes soft and creamy. The rice is not parboiled to maintain the starch.

Ofada Rice: Ofada rice is known for it’s aromatic smell. It is native to Ogun State, Nigeria. It is traditionally served in an uma leaf with a specially prepared stew.

Banga Rice: The secret ingredient to this Nigerian dish is palm fruit, which provides the signature colouring and aroma.

Mochi : Mochi is a Japanese rice cake. Ingredients such as: water, sugar and cornstarch are added, the mixture is then pounded and molded into any desired shape.

Mochi Ice Cream: This confection is made of mochi but is filled with ice cream.

White Rice: White Rice and stew is one of the most iconic meals in Nigeria. It is very uncomplicated to prepare: the rice is parboiled and boiled until it is soft. It can be served with beans, pasta, plantain and is usually served with tomato stew.

How many of the above, have you tasted? I’ll like to know your score in the comments.

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