Health Worker Nabbed For Stealing PPEs

Personal protective equipment have been a major issue for health workers in the Eastern Cape since the Covid-19 outbreak in South Africa.

A worker was caught over the weekend for allegedly trying to steal eight boxes of PPEs.

Eastern Cape health spokesman, Sizwe Kupelo, said: “A security guard at Frontier Hospital in Komani caught a contract worker trying to leave the premises with eight boxes full of PPEs on Saturday, 9 January.

“The worker is one of hundreds of people the provincial government has roped in to help fight the spread of Covid-19. The worker was arrested immediately.”

MEC Sindiswa Gomba thanked the security guards for carrying out their duties.

She said: “Had it not been for the vigilance of the security guard, the worker would have succeeded in stealing the PPEs. We condemn such thievery.

“By stealing the PPE, the worker was leaving frontline workers such as nurses and doctors defenceless against this vicious virus that has already killed 8 662 people in the Eastern Cape.

“The department has stocked enough PPEs and we have received generous donations from organisations and individuals as we all work together to stop the spread of coronavirus.

“Having workers steal the PPEs meant to protect them flies in the face of saving lives and exposes them to the virus. One life lost is one too many.

“This is why we’re calling on the justice system to impose a harsh sentence, if found guilty, so as to deter other would-be thieves of PPEs.

“Stealing PPEs is tantamount to murder, so our courts mustn’t be lenient on people who commit such atrocious crimes.”

Source: Ghgossipp

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