Happy Sunday: Why Is Total Forgiveness Difficult Amongst Christians

I have been a Christian for more than 22 years and I have noticed that Christians find it difficult to forgive and forget despite the teachings on love.

Many tend to preach forgiveness only when they have paid back. Others will never forget what has happened to them and there are those who justify paying back fellow believers with evil by quoting scriptures.

This situation which we find ourselves in is a true confirmation that the end is near. People setting up one another, pastors dragging church properties, backbiting in the church especially the choir, promotion of ministers based on ethnicity, fighting over boy/girlfriends, quarreling over income, praying for the death of people, etc are proofs that the church is not practicing true forgiveness.

Christians should learn how to forgive just the way Christ did for us. Please, fellow Christians, why is total forgiveness difficult for we Christians and how can we practice total forgiveness?

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