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Gunna Cops A New Car For His Niece

Gunna was in the giving spirit recently.

Last year, Gunna enjoyed a ton of success as he dropped off his latest album called WUNNA. For many fans, this was a huge development for the artist as he was able to round out his sound and cement himself as one of the most consistent hitmakers in hip-hop. Moving forward, Gunna has plans to flood the market with music, and fans are excited to see what he is able to deliver.

Since Gunna’s music is successful, he has been able to enjoy quite a bit of financial freedom over the years, and recently, he decided to share the wealth by gifting his niece a brand new car. In the post below, you can see that Gunna got his niece a shiny black Nissan that she certainly seemed to be excited about.

The post, which was shared by Akademiks, was immediately filled with comments criticizing Gunna for getting his niece a Nissan instead of a lavish car. These comments were immediately met with pushback by more rational individuals, who noted that no one really needs a luxury car and that the Nissan was more than enough as far as gifts go. At the end of the day, a car, regardless of price, is a huge gift and we’re sure his niece was both appreciative and surprised.

Kendrick Lamar received similar criticism a while back for the car he bought for one of his family members and the vitriol was just as ridiculous then as it is now.


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