LET’S TALK!!! What’s The One Thing You Always Thank God For, Everyday?


Combining all the alphabets of every languages in the world to praise God is never going to be sufficient enough to quantify what he has been doing in our daily lives.

Every individual has been blessed beyond imagination. Not all prayers are answered the way we want but at least we have God to thank for the gift of life.

For example someone that has been praying to get rich, God might not give you all the money in the world due to a reason or the other but at least you are Alive.

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It might not be as sufficient enough as we prayed for but some prayers are answered in disguise. Any which way Bless God!!!

There are some people that are suffering the sins off their forefathers or even a curse. Which so ever way we find ourselves, Glory by thy lord.

We cannot compare ourselves but we should have an impression that God can never give you everything. The rich also cry.

This post might serve as a reminder or as a motivation to others that there is something at least to keep thanking God for, be it life, happiness, money, children, or whatsoever it might be.

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So back to the basis 👇

What’s The One Thing You Always Thank God For Everyday?

let’s all discuss and use this avenue as a reminder that we don’t give God enough thanks.



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