“God Truly Exist” – See What Happened To This Church Altar After Beirut Explosion Occurred (Photos)

If you still doubt if God truly exist or not, then you will ask for forgiveness after you finish reading this article. Only a fool will look into the heaven and say there’s no God.

Recall that an explosion occurred in Beirut few days back which shook the whole city. The explosion destroyed so many things including cars, airports, buildings and more.

Hundreds of people got injured while some died due to the massive explosion. The injured people were rushed to the hospital for immediate treatment.

But something surprising occurred during the Beirut explosion. According to BBC reports,Β the church altar of St Dimitrios Greek Orthodox Church survived the massive explosion.

A reverend father of the church rushed to the church after the explosion occurred and when he got there, he saw that the church altar didn’t get destroyed despite being less than 1km away.

He also stated that the light of the lamps didn’t go off and even the Bibles were intact like nothing ever happened.

Truly this is a great wonder and truly God exist and will forever exist.

See more pictures below:

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