“Go School, You Say No” Reactions As Regina Commits Blunder In English While Unveiling Munir’s Face

“Go School, You Say No” Reactions As Regina Commits Blunder In English While Unveiling Munir’s Face

It is no longer news that beautiful Regina Daniel who got married to her husband, Senator Ned Nwoko a year ago, has given birth to her first child.

Regina who started her acting career with the movie industry of the country (Nollywood) as a child actor, metamorphosed into not just a beautiful woman, but also one of the youngest mother before our very eyes.

Regina Daniel gave birth to her son, Munir some weeks ago. It was jubilation across the nooks and crannies of the country, given the fact that her teeming fans were scattered across the country and beyond. However, some of her fans who could no longer hold it back, started developing hatred for the young and beautiful mother for keeping the face of her little prince secret since his birth. At this point, it should be recalled that, since more than five weeks when Regina gave birth to Munir her first baby till this day 7th of August 2020, the face of the baby has been kept secret by the actor, and her billionaire husband. Ever since the birth of the little Prince, it has been promise upon promise from the actor and the husband concerning when the face of the little Prince will be revealed.

However, that waiting came to an abrupt end few hours ago, but not without controversy from the actor herself. Regina is a unique actor of the Nollywood. She is the type that is loved by many, as such, her fans are scattered across several social media platforms in addition to those outside internet. To that end, the responsibility of feeding all of them at their different locations with the required information, is left for the actor herself to bear. That has led Regina into posting the photos of her baby in different social media platforms where she has account, and that include Facebook. On the Facebook page of the actor, Regina posted photos of her baby few hours ago. In that post, the beautiful actor announced that, she and her husband have finally decided to unveil the face of their baby to the world. She promised to post clearer photos of the baby moments after the announcement. Although the post came with the images of the father, the baby and the actor herself, the face of the little Prince was not that clear in the photos that accompanied the Facebook post.

Although, the unveiling of Munir’s face was successfully carried out by the actor, but her usual error while communicating with the public through written words especially on her social media pages was again recorded. When it happened once, it is understandable, but frequent occurrence of such error is a call for worries. Such a public figure should be able to write these types of few English words without errors. The other day, Regina committed a controllable error while posting on the same Facebook page as seen below:

Today again, similar error has occurred. Regina who wanted to write: I AND MY HUSBAND, ended up writing it to be: I AM MY HUSBAND. It is true that no one is above mistakes or typographical errors while writing in English or any other languages. Even in this write-up, errors are inevitable, but when a huge celebrity sure as Regina whom many eyes are after, cannot write such few and simple sentences without errors, the whole world will be invited to take a look at it, especially when it is on a frequent manner. A popular celebrity like Regina Daniel should learn how to write such few English words without errors. See the blunder as committed by Regina in the post below:

That error, contained in the post of the beautiful actor was not spotted by the writer of this article alone. Some followers of Regina on the platform also reacted to the error. While others were busy commenting about the photos of the baby as posted by the mother, others such as the person whose comment was circled with red ink below, reacted to the grammatical error of Regina in the above post. According to that fan, Regina refused to go to school. She concluded by asking the actor to quickly correct the obvious blunder in the post. See the comment below:

The above comment about the error in the post was not the only comment painstakingly captured from the post for your reading pleasure. Other comments were also screenshots from the post for you. Several other comments about the baby, and whom he looks like were also written as response to the post of the actor by her followers. For instance, one of the commentators expressed his anger in his comment about how Regina kept them waiting for the photos of the baby, as if the boy is a second Jesus Christ. See the comment and other below:

What do you have to say about the frequent blunder committed by Regina Daniel in her social media posts in the recent time? Use the comment space provided below for your opinion, contribution, and/or observation(s). Thanks for staying with Winnaijatv.

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