Girls, use your chastity to get the best this year! (II)

By Okeowo Temilolu

Dear Ma, I’m a great lover of your articles. May God reward you! I just read your article on “Sexual Purity” and I would like to appreciate you for letting me know that I can still become a Secondary Virgin. After reading your article, I have promised God that I will never go back to such acts till my wedding night. Please pray for me ma! May God continue to give you the strength to guide us to the right path? Once again, thanks ma and keep the good work going!



Mummy Temilolu,

My wonderful mummy, my mentor and teacher, while wishing you a happy new year, I must let you know, you are an amazing gift from God to the world and this generation of youth is really blessed to have you! Thank you for teaching us the truth. Thank you for teaching us how to be sexually-pure, thank you for teaching us how to abstain from every form of sexual immorality! You are a blessing to this century! You’ve been a light to the darkness part of many lives which I’m one of them. May God continue to help and strengthen you mummy. I welcome you to your year of fulfilment in Jesus name!

Oyeniyi Omolara

My darling, precious, glorious, dignified, world-famous and heavenly celebrated Nigerian daughters.

I pray for you this shall be your very best year ever in your life’s history- one which would announce you to the world and move you from glory to glory and strength to strength in Jesus name! However, it would be most tragic if you’re engaging in ungodly sex and sharing your life with strangers! Lord has mercy! Because your pastor doesn’t emphasise on it or your parents don’t drum it into your ears constantly doesn’t mean its okay and an ordinary sin that will always be forgiven! Of course, God will always forgive you but may you not lose what God has deposited to make you shine in life! May you not experience “hell on earth” and may you not become an ugly shadow of God’s wonderful plan. May your flower not wither before it blooms! This is a very serious matter! I pray God touches your heart as you read more of my chastity nuggets from 2020.

Verily I say to you, if you are chaste in this depraved world, God can rend the heavens for your sake! I KNOW! May God surprise you!

Ladies, if you knew the type of power you carry, you’d not run after fake pastors who would sleep with you and steal your glory! May you discover yourself in Jesus name!

God says to tell someone whose marriage is delayed because she refuses to be “sampled” in bed- YOUR STORY WILL SHOCK THE WORLD! It’s your turn to shine!

If he’s not your husband, let him go! The more he sleeps with you, the more he steals from you! May you not be completely emptied in Jesus name!

Girls, there’s a wonder in you waiting to manifest! No man is worth losing it for! Say NO to ungodly sex! May your glory shock the world in Jesus name!

Girls, if you can subdue your flesh and resist ungodly sex, you’d easily conquer 90% of life’s battles! May God crown you with world’s best husband!

Abstinence from sex till marriage will not kill you, it would fill your life with power and glory! May God restart your life this year!

Girls, if you want to grow tall in life, stay away from ungodly friends, they’re devil’s tools of limitation! May your glory manifest speedily!

Don’t sleep with him so he can sponsor you! Believe me, the glory awaiting you can buy him 10 times over! May God over-satisfy you this year and forever!

Girls, guys, DON’T taste sex now else you’ll start sleeping around and become spiritually-toxic! May your destiny not become porous to evil!

Did you know God has a record of your tears whenever you refuse a man who won’t help except you sleep with him? Get ready for OVER-SURPLUS in Jesus name!

A chaste life attracts angelic attention! Just one visitation can change your life forever! May the angel of dramatic transformation visit you this weekend in Jesus name!

No amount of money can buy what Sexual Purity can avail you in life! May you not discover this at the end of your life!

Stop sharing your life with filthy strangers! Stop scattering your life! Say NO to premarital sex! May you end up with the right person in Jesus name!

Dearest virgin-in-great lack, God has your continuous assessment and would reward you 10 times what you refused to pay with sex plus unquantifiable spiritual power! Your unusual glory is loading!

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Source: The Nation

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