Ghost Monday in Enugu

Ghost Monday in Enugu

…Streets deserted

Deserted road in Enugu as residents observed the sit-at-home order earlier suspended by IPOB.

Enugu the Coal City seems to be enjoying an extended weekend rests as major streets are bereft of vehicular movements and shops remain shut.

At Afor Awkunanaw market Enugu near the 103 Battallion Barracks,everywhere is bare including the vegetable and tomato sections known for early dawn operations.

Yet to be confirmed reports indicate that even the Ogbete main market,Kenyatta market and Abakpa markets have shown signs that there would be no market today.

Schools are also not opening for business , moreso as most of them have finished their terminal examinations and would be formally closing on Friday August 27.

Banks are cautiously on the alert just as the filling stations whose gates are closed with staff standing by.
Curiously, the security operatives seem to be sitting equally at home as no patrol vehicles or itinerant personnel have been sighted so far, not even IPOB members were observed enforcing the exercise.
This is even come after the IPOB Directorate of State, DOS directive suspending the Monday Sit-At-
in Igboland.

Pundits blame the continuation on the stampede witnessed last Monday in parts of Enugu and environs.
However, a dejected school principal who could not get transport to his school in the outskirt of the city felt the people were angry at the insistence Buhari to move ahead with his controversial grazing policy which is at heart of heart of Fulani terrorism in Igboland.

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