Free Education In Imo, An Unprecendented Achievement Of Okorocha’s Administration


Education is one of the most important sectors of an economy. Achieving qualitative education has been one of Nigeria’s biggest problems. This is because education in Nigeria is one sector that has been neglected by any government that comes to power since the inception of APC and PDP in Nigeria and has received the lowest percentage of the country’s budget therefore each states received low funding consequently.

In the south east, Imo state had the poorest educational system, the public schools were in laughable conditions and the up to standard private schools were not affordable for an average indigene of Imo State. This problem continued until the coming of Rochas Okorocha as the governor of Imo state in 2011, who declared free education in the second year of his first tenure in 2012 in Imo state becoming the first governor to have attempted free education not just in Imo state but in Nigeria as a whole.

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The most important level of education are the basics which include the primary and secondary education and in Nigeria the standard was very poor thereby, the foundation that could foot a sound student is lacking. Governor Rochas, did not only revive the educational sector of Imo State back to life, he improved the standard of basic education from internally generated revenues. By doing that in three years he has rid half the population of Imo state of illiteracy with free education, enforced laws that made free primary and secondary education compulsory in Imo state.
He also footed the free education campaign which later spread to the south west and further south east and other parts of Nigeria, challenging the performance of other governors in Nigeria.


In his unchallenged and sustained success against illiteracy for seven good years, he has become the only governor who has sustained freed education and shamed the political excuse of lack of federal government funding. He did not only limit the benefits of the free education to only indigenes but in November 2018, he also extended it to non-indigenes who are citizens of Nigeria and a resident in Imo state. Rochas has ever since been promoting education through other means.

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