Fredo Bang Warns Street Dudes Against Posting Photos Of Their Mothers

Fredo Bang “Top” (Video) - REVOLT

Fredo Bang Warns Street Dudes Against Posting Photos Of Their Mothers

He believes if you live a certain lifestyle, you have to move differently to protect the identity of family members.
Celebrities regularly share images and videos of their homelife experiences, but every Mother’s Day, the world receives an intimate look at the parents and guardians who helped raise our favorite stars. Over the weekend, millions of people tuned in to watch SWV and Xscape jam on Verzuz, and just as many famous faces took to social media to share pictures of their mothers. From chart-topping Rap artists to well-known movie stars to our favorite television actors, pictures of celebrities showing off Ma Dukes took over timelines.Fredo Bang – Clock Out [Video] – TrackBlasters Entertainment

As much as many moms relish in the attention, Fredo Bang fired off a friendly warning about sharing certain images online.

“Street Guys, Be Smart On Posting Y’all Mother. Make Sure Y’all Not Putting Her In Harms Way for a Post,” tweeted the rapper. “#HappyMothersDay [gorilla emoji] [red heart emoji].” Fredo soon received an onslaught of co-signs, especially considering we’ve received news about rappers, especially, being located, extorted, robbed, and even killed for revealing too much information about their families or movements online.Fredo Bang connects with Seven7Hardaway for “Lately” - REVOLT

Many artists, instead, will show their wives or girlfriends and tend to keep moms offline. Do you agree with Fredo that if you come from the streets you should keep your parents’ identities lowkey? Check out his post and a few responses below.


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