Wonder Woman Gal Gadot plunges into Netanyahu row over Israeli Arabs


Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot has proposed something so radical it added fire to a debate unfolding on Instagram over what it means to be Israeli: dialogue.

After Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called Israel the homeland “only of the Jewish people” – despite the small nation’s 20% Arab-Israeli population – Gadot’s friend, actress and model Rotem Sela, defended their rights.

Netanyahu’s reply directly opposed her statement.

“Israel is not a state for all its citizens,” he retorted, also on Instagram. “According to the nation-state law that we passed, Israel is the state of the Jewish people — and belongs to them alone.”

That’s when Gadot entered the fray, writing to her own legions of followers – that would be 28.3 million – that “love thy neighbor” is really the operative phrase here.

The debate stems from a law passed last year drew massive protests both in and outside Israel for legislating that only Jews have the right of self-determination in the country, as NBC Newsreported at the time. It also set Hebrew above Arabic as the official language, BBC News reported.

Underpinning this war of words are the upcoming elections, which pit Natenyahu’s right-wing Likud party against a centrist Blue and White alliance, according to BBC News. In addition the prime minister may soon face corruption charges, the network said.


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