Eat Garlic, Ginger & Onions To Cure These 3 Powerful Diseases


Ginger, Onions and Garlic is perhaps the most popular combination of plants used for medicinal purposes. Their popularity grew as a result of their potency. They can be used to revitalize the body, boost immune system, vigour, potency and overall body system – health.

If you study medicine of some ancient traditions like the Chinese, you get to see that they have always made use of onion, garlic and ginger.

These 3 helpful foods can be eaten raw or converted to herbal medicine which works wonders on the human body.

Let’s Consider The Health Benefits Of Eating The Combination Of These 3 Powerful Plants:


The garlic is loaded with nutrients and healing powers that make it suitable for treating flu, cold etc. It is antifungal, anti parasitic, antibiotic, antiviral, anticoagulant and it is very useful in boosting proper blood circulation. It has been used for treatment for lots and lots of years. You can apply it in your food, when blending tomatoes for sauce or boiling your meat, you can also combine it with garlic and ginger to form a herbal treatment.


Onion is a great vegetable and consuming it daily can help prevent lot of diseases like cancer and digestive problems. You can slice them in your food, sauce, you can use the juice as well, avoid refrigerating onion.


Ginger is the ultimate as it helps to treat flu, chest congestion, indigestion, fever, headaches, cramps, belly aches, morning sickness etc.How can we combine these things to treat certain diseases?

1. Cough Syrup: Peel and blend ginger and garlic, add lemon juice to it and blend until it is smooth. You can also use ginger syrup and add to hot water.

2. Sore Throat: Lemon juice, water, garlic, cayenne pepper and honey to taste after blending.

3. Flu: Ginger juice, lemon juice and classic coke mixed together.



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