Drink The Extracted Juice Of Bitter Leaf And Scent Leaf For These 4 Health Benefits

Drink The Extracted Juice Of Bitter Leaf And Scent Leaf For These 4 Health Benefits

Man, since time immemorial has often depended on plants and herbs for many of his nutritional and health needs. Due to their ready availability in their natural forms and relatively cheap price, plants and herbs have often occupied a vantage position in the life of humans. Many of these beneficial plants and herbs abound but for the sake of this writeup, we would be considering bitter leaf and scent leaf, two important plants that have often enjoyed great popularity for their nutritional and health benefits.

Bitter leaf, called “ewuro” by the Yoruba people, or “onugbu” by the Igbo people is of the family Compositae. As its name implies, this small shrub or plant obtains its name from its bitter taste. Scent leaf, on the other hand, is of the mint family Lameaceae, and is locally called “efirin” by the Yoruba people, or “nchuanwu” or “arigbe” by the Igbo people. These two plants do not just constitute a part of the diet of many Nigerians as evidenced particularly by the use of the sweet flavour of the scent leaf but are also traditionally utilised as herbal medicines for treating certain ailments.

Individually, the two plants have certain nutrients and properties that bestow certain health benefits on them, but when combined and taken as a single homologous mixture, the combined effects of the two would even be greater. So, whether you decide to scrub both leaves to extract their juice or just simply blend the two and drink it, some of the health benefits you can derive from them are briefly discussed below:

1. Haemorrhoids/Pile Treatment

The combination of these two leaves has often been used to treat haemorrhoids in humans, with lemon or lime added to the mixture and consumed for reduction of inflammation and pain that characterise piles.

2. Effective against High Blood Pressure and Diabetes

Amongst some of their other health benefits, the combination of bitter leaf and scent leaf is also effective in reducing high blood sugar levels thereby reducing or controlling blood sugar levels, as well as bringing down blood pressure, thus preventing hypertension.

3. Reduced Blood Cholesterol

Much has been said about the dangers of consuming foods that can increase the levels of bad cholesterol, but, a combination of scent leaf and bitter leaf can both help you lower bad cholesterol levels in the blood, which is generally good news for the heart.

4. Improved Bood Production

When red blood cells levels in the body drop below certain levels, anaemia sets in along with its attendant symptoms. However, bitter leaf and scent leaf both help boost haemoglobin levels due to their high iron content, which invariably helps to boost blood levels in the body.

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