50 Cent Says “F*!k” Adrien Broner


50 Cent Says “F*!k” Adrien Broner

50 Cent Says “F*!k” Adrien Broner: 50 Cent has just asked yet another celebrity to pay up. In an Instagram post response to former welterweight championship boxer Adrien Broner IG post, 50 goes out of his way to joke at the boxer’s expense before demanding some money.

On Monday (June 17), Broner jumped on his Instagram account and, oddly enough, demanded that Fif loan him $1 million.

“@50cent you blocked me, Nigga, I need to borrow a million punk ass nigga call me,” Broner wrote in a post, which is very likely just another entry into a steady stream of jokes about Fif’s alleged money loaning.

In response, 50 reposted Broner’s message on his IG account and admitted that he did block Broner—but for a good reason. “Fuck you AB, we still mad about that money you made us lose on ya fight,” he wrote. “Yeah I blocked your ass because you fucking up the money.”

50 then went into the comment section and offered up what’s become a familar refrain:

“Have Something for Me by Monday.”

Broner shot back with another IG post, writing “Fuck you too @50cent and we can fight to solve our differences” and added a brown middle-fingered emoji for good measure.

We don’t know where this playful social media spat between them is going to go, but 50 has been racking up an impressive list of celebrity IOU’s. Just last week, the Power creator added Fabolous and Don Q to his tally after they partied with him at a strip club in Atlanta.

However, 50 accused Bow Wow of stealing stacks of cash that was intended for the dancers. Fif demanded that Bow Wow pay him back…by Monday.

“Oh shit, this little Nigga BOW WOW took the Money home with him. @antthaladiesman get him before I kill EM,” he wrote on his IG account on June 12.

Thankfully, Bow Wow settled his debt with 50, so it’s all good.


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