“Don’t Put Me In Trouble; You Know Maria Is Watching” -Queen

“Don’t Put Me In Trouble; You Know Maria Is Watching” -Queen

BBN Housemate, Queen, warned fellow Housemate, Pere, to stop saying romantic words to her in the House.

Queen made this known during a conversation with Pere in the kitchen earlier this morning.

Queen realised that Pere has been trying to get closer to her since his love interest, Maria, left the House some days ago.

Queen jokingly made it known that she’s not comfortable with Pere’s recent attitude towards her.

However, she seems to have said that out of respect for Maria who was evicted from the House earlier this week.

She said: “You just need to stop saying that. Don’t put me in trouble; you know Maria is watching. Just shift body oo”.

Queen’s statement proves that she’s doing everything possible not to get romantically involved with her crush, Pere.

You would recall that Queen reiterated on different occasions that Pere is one of the three personalities she admires in the House.

She made it clear that Pere’s attitude is an admirable one. However, his skin colour is the major reason why she can’t be in a relationship with him.

Why I think Queen could consider dating Pere in the future.

Queen made it clear that she’s not interested in a dark-skin man. However, it seems her ideology changed when she got herself in a romantic entanglement with Boma.

Queen’s involvement with Boma during the early stages of the Show proves to us that she could consider dating Pere as well.

What would be White Money’s faith?

Queen and White Money are definitely not going to date inside or outside the House.

A couple of days ago, White Money told fellow Housemate, Emmanuel and Cross, that he’s not interested in Queen.

According to him, there is another lady in the House who he’s willing to be in a romantic relationship with.

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