“Do You Know What Emmanuel Promised To Do When We Both Leave The House?” -Angel speaks

"Do You Know What Emmanuel Promised To Do When We Both Leave The House?" -Angel speaks“Do You Know What Emmanuel Promised To Do When We Both Leave The House?” -Angel speaks

BBN Housemate, Angel, revealed what Emmanuel promised to do when they both leave the House.

Angel made this shocking revelation during her conversation with fellow Housemates, Jaypaul and Saskay, in the garden earlier tonight.

After the eviction Show, the atmosphere in the House was pretty cool as Housemates never expected the outcome of the polls.

Boma, Tega, Micheal, and Peace were all evicted from the House in what was a “king-size” eviction process.

Despite the cool atmosphere in the House, Angel didn’t hesitate to gossip about fellow Housemate, Emmanuel.

Angel made it clear that Emmanuel told her several times that he would love to link up with her outside the House.

She said: “Emmanuel is a flirt. Even JMK the very first day she entered here. She hasn’t even removed her dress when she told me it seems this Emmanuel guy is a flirt.

Do you know how many times he has told me he can’t wait to meet me outside?”.

Angel’s statement proves that she believes Emmanuel is a flirt.

However, it remains unclear why she decided to share that piece of information with fellow Housemates tonight.

Is Angel trying to take Emmanuel out of the game?

I think Angel knows exactly what she’s doing! There should be a reason why she brought up Emmanuel’s issue after the Sunday Night Eviction Show.

It seems she has realised that Liquorose and Emmanuel have a very strong fanbase outside the House.

This is the second time Emmanuel would survive a possible eviction.

Angel believes she could use her words to ruin Emmanuel’s strategy. It’s clear that Liquorose is the major reason why Emmanuel remain relevant in the House after six weeks.

Calling him a flirt could change fans’ perception about him. Angel thinks she knows a lot about the game after she singlehandedly ruined Boma’s strategy in the House.

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