Do You Believe Charms Exist That Can Prevent Bullet From Piercing The Body?

On 14th January 1997, a 504 Peugeot car overtook a Mercedez Benz, a man came out brandishing an Israeli Uzi and opened fire on Mercedez car. Some accounts claimed over forty rounds were fired, the windscreen was shattered, car interior riddled and torn by bullets. Satisfied that he had executed his mission as brutally, the gunman jumped into the Peugeot and the car zoomed away, leaving behind the riddled car and unfortunate occupants to he discovered. The shooter’s car had not gone far while the doors of the Mercedez were opened, two men came out. They were unhurt!

Pa Abraham Adesanya

Pa Abraham Adesanya, the late former leader of the Afenifere, later claimed he and his driver survived without a scratch. He claimed too that he survived by the grace of God, and denied using any charm. But it was hard to believe that a man survived the rain of bullets discharged by the dreaded sharpshooter of Gen. Sani Abacha killer square, Barnabas Jabila aka Sergent Rogers, without charm. Do charms really stop bullets from penetrating the body?

It is widely believed in Nigeria that charms do more than protecting the body from spiritual attack, they provide protection against physical weapons too, against cutlasses and bullets. Tales abound of criminals and even men of the armed forces fortifying their bodies against blades and bullets before going out for an operation. And as long as the person survives, it is evidence that the charm is working. Those who lost their lives during operation either by blade or gun, it is assumed their charm has failed them. For charms come with terms and conditions that had to be abided by; only those who failed to adhere to the terms are affected. But how powerful is the charm?

Fighting men believe charms protect their bodies from bullets

In northern Nigeria, amulets called laya or guru are used for fortification, local touts use it. In Yoruba land, the Okigbe and Ayeta charms are used for body fortification, for protection against blades and bullets respectively. Almost all Nigerian communities claimed the possessed the charm that protects the body against weapons, be it blade or bullet. Traditional warriors and local vigilantes or militants often complete their battle regalia with displays of protection charms. Some who don’t, claimed they have undergone ritual ceremonies that fortify the body against weapons, all kinds of weapons. It is rumored that some military men before going to the war front are given charms that will protect their bodies from bullets – some who left before protection ritual, family members visit local charm makers to fortify the individual by proxy.

An African soldier testing the potency of his charm against gun, in the video, the bullet did not affect him

An important question arises, if charms were very effective, how then did the Europeans defeated Nigerian communities? African societies in the past practice pure traditional religion without syncretism, warriors and hunters adhered to terms and conditions that guarantee protecting the body from weapons, yet they were fallen by bullets! Even traditional rulers, who embody the perfection of bodily protection could not dare European guns. It was said that they could disappear when faced with danger, yet some were captured and exiled, or killed: Nana of Itsekiri, Jaja of Opobo, Oba Ovonramwem of Benin were captured and exiled; Caliph Atahiru I of Sokoto died in Battle. The fighting forces in all communities in Nigeria used charms for fortification in terms of war, yet the European Maxim gun fell them in their hundreds, and captured and colonized Nigeria entirely.

Even shrines were invaded, ransacked, looted, and destroyed.

Hausa traditional boxers with charms across their necks

But yet, most Nigerians still believe charms protect people from bullets – the same charms that couldn’t protect their ancestors. But then, how can one explain Pa Abraham Adesanya surviving over 40 bullets sprayed on his car without a scratch on his body or of his driver’s? The man denied using protection charm, but Nigerians disagree. They believe all Nigerian leaders, and not only fighting men and criminals but also use charms for protection. And that on its own is proof that charms are potent enough to protect the body from bullets.

The human body is made of flesh and it is not hard enough to prevent a bullet from piercing it, but Nigerians believe charms are like invincible bulletproof against a bullet, and nothing can change that conviction. Criminals still go around with charms on their bodies or have been fortified by means of rituals. Even some men of the armed forces allegedly use charms to protect themselves from criminals or enemies from the front. Some even armed forces rigged their weapons with charms against enemies or criminals who have fortified their bodies.

A criminal arrested with his weapons and charms

Maybe charms can stop a bullet from penetrating the human body, maybe charms cannot. Science or ballistics insist it is impossible for bullet not to pierce the human body, sometimes with a fatal consequence, without the use of physical bulletproof. Yet again, it cannot be disproved that the spiritual realm is real and that miracles happen – as it has happened to Pa Adesanya, either through the protection of Allah, Jesus, or Charm. However it happens, the best protection against bullet remains to stay away from where gunfights are imminent or use bulletproof. There are some guns and bullets that just don’t respect prayers or charms.

Have you ever heard or witness an incident where someone survived gunshot with the help of a charm, share your experience to enlighten others.

Hunter fully dressed with his charms

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