DJ Khaled Confirms Justin Bieber Will Appear On “Khaled Khaled”

DJ Khaled, Justin Bieber

DJ Khaled Confirms Justin Bieber Will Appear On “Khaled Khaled”

DJ Khaled confirmed that Justin Bieber will be featured on “Khaled Khaled.”
DJ Khaled’s next album, Khaled Khaled, will feature Justin Bieber, the record producer revealed on Instagram this week. Bieber is the latest on a long list of the industry’s most popular artists that will appear on the project.

“I’m so stressed out in a good way mixing and mastering this album,” Khaled wrote in the caption of a screenshot showing a missed call from Bieber and Justin Timberlake. “I missed the legendary FaceTime of the ICONS @justinbieber and @justintimberlake.”

Khaled confirmed that Timberlake was working on the project as well, earlier this week.

“My brothers I’m gonna call you back! I’m mixing BOTH of y’all’s VOCALS!” Khaled continued. “@justinbieber I just got done with the mix a few days ago get ready for mastering! And @justintimberlake I just sent the record we did together off to mix. My brothers I will call you RIGHT BACK! I’m in ALBUM MODE !!!! #99% DONE. KHALED KHALED THE ALBUM COMING.”

While Khaled has yet to confirm a release date for the project, he has now repeatedly said that Khaled Khaled is “99%” done. His last album, Father of Asahd, was released in 2019 and also featured Justin Bieber for the track “No Brainer.”


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