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Days After She Said Africans Especially Igbos Have Connection With Water Spirit, Here’s Sylvia’s Bio

One thing we cannot and should not even try arguing is the fact that we all have our separate believe, traditional, way of life, religion and so on.

One thing we cannot and should not even try arguing is the fact that we all have our separate believe, traditional, way of life, religion and so on. What you feel is so awkward can be the belief of another. As our faces and characters differs in so many ways so are our beliefs. Even in a particular religion, you will see people with different opinions and doctrines. I will advise you not to call any a fool because of his or her belief because your belief is also very strange to another.

One of the major challenge in our society today is marital breakup. You are I’ll see a couple who live each day there and many others are even looking up to them for relationship advice but it will surprise you that they will just split within the twinkle of an eye. Most celebrities marriage has really been an issue especially those in the movie industry. Their marriages hardly last.


Recall that a Nollywood actress Who has been identified as Sylvia Ukaatu has taken shared her own view on this issue. Sylvia Ukaatu is an actress and also a single mom. Sh said that one of the reasons why marriages breakup easily in our society is as a result of the third person in the union (an unseen water spirit). Sh said that this water spirit does not only affect the female but also the male. According to her, once a marriage start getting problems and you are unable to trace the source, then it is either the husband or the wife has a connection with this spirit.

The part of her statement that caught my attention the most is the part where she said that 99% of Africans Especially the Igbos Have a Connection With Water (Marine) spirits

Below is a screenshot of her statement written on vanguard news:

I think this is just her own belief and I don’t really know if other people share the same belief with her.

What did she really mean by this statement of hers? Is this statement true or false?

Below is a brief biography of Sylvia ukaatu:

She is a Nollywood actress who was born and brought up in Anambra State.

She is very successful in her carrier, and she is a single mother.

Her age has not been fully disclosed to the public. She is single and happy.

But she is always giving relationship advises.

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