Day of the distribution of God’s gift (3)


By Pastor William F. Kumuyi

Let me say it in another form. Since you failed before now to give your life to God, the gifts of God could not dwell inside of you. As a result, the devil spotted an opening in your life, which can be call-ed a vacuum. That was the reason why Satan took over your heart and filled it up with evil imaginations.

As if that was not enough for him. He also took your over your life and filled it up with terrible things, which has made your life what it is today.

All those terrible things the devil has placed in your life, today, just like that drum of water that I used as an illustration, Jesus is here to empty them from your life. After that is done, He will fill your heart with the good things of heaven. It shall be done in Jesus name! But do not forget that you have a significant role to play, if this must happen in your life.

Jesus does not discriminate against anyone and His clarion call is to save your soul of from the impending doom to come. He wants you to come out from sin and experience immaculate wonder. He wants you to experience joy unspeakable. That is why the call is com-ing to you today, because Jesus remains the only source of your salvation and eternal life. He is the only source of eternal happiness. I make bold to say that Jesus is the real big thing you need to start off in an unpre-cedented way.

All you have to do is to repent from your sins, reject every work of Satan, and receive Jesus Christ the Saviour of the whole world into your life. After that is done, you will come to realise that Jesus does not fail His own. This is because, even when it is most darkest and man must have failed you, He will come to your aid and pull that string needed to get you out of that horrendous situation you must have found yourself. You will no longer be a victim of the devil, but a victor with Christ in God.


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