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DaniLeigh Shares Her Failed Take On The #BussItChallenge

DaniLeigh loves a good Tik Tok dance challenge.

I understand that Tik Tok is the latest internet wave and that we all have a right to participate and engage with whatever content we want on any social media platform our heart desires, but if I see one more dance challenge during this pandemic…I’m going to lose it. DaniLeigh on the other hand clearly loves a good dance video, and a good challenge (like trying to keep DaBaby faithful) even if she doesn’t quite do it correctly. 

If you have no idea what the #BussItChallenge is, you are reading the right article. The song is “Buss It” by rapper Erica Banks and it includes the notable “Hot In Here” Nelly sound bite “girl, I think my butt gettin’ big.” From what I’ve gathered, women begin dancing looking regular in their house clothes then buss out in full glam, while they “drop-down and get their eagle on” and buss it wide. Like this: 

Although, maybe DaniLeigh didn’t get the entire memo because…

It looks like she is aware she fell short on this one, as her IG caption reads “When u ain’t have time to finish the second half” with multiple crying face emojis but The Shaderoom commentators aren’t that forgiving. One commenter said, “she entered it wrong” while another said, “man wtf is this.” Maybe DaniLeigh is one of the most hated on?

How do y’all think DaniLeigh did?

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