Dangerous Sign that your kidney needs medical attention

Dangerous Sign that your kidney needs medical attention.Β   The kidneys helps to remove waste products from the system which is very important but when the kidneyDangerous Sign that your kidney needs medical attention.

The kidneys helps to remove waste products from the system which is very important but when the kidney is damaged your health is at stake

There are numbers of physical signs that will help you identify when your kidneys are damaged but a number of people tend to neglect it and feel it’s nothing to worry about

Until it becomes chronic like blood in the urine, large amount of protein in the urin etc. When one experience such symptoms endeavor to visit the doctor

Here below are some few signs of a damaged kidney

1 More tired, having difficulties in concentrating

A serve decrease in kidney function can lead to a buildup of toxins and waste products in the blood which can causes you to feel week, fatigue, tiredness, backaches and lack of concentration

This signs should be in the early stage and should seek medical advice immediately

2 Lack of sleep(insomnia)

The kidneys are one of the most important parts of the body system when the begin to malfunction your life is at great risk.

When the begin to malfunction, the become incapable to flitter properly, accommodating toxins into the blood rather than leaving the body system through the respiratory system

It could result to sleepless night also, having insomnia isn’t normal do well to visit the hospital to run some test

3 Itchy and dry skin

Excellent kidneys do some vital jobs in the body. The remove waste, help red blood cell, and contain right amount of minerals in your body

Dry and itchy skin can be a sign of mineral and bone disease that often accompany advanced kidney disease when the kidneys do not function properly

4 Frequent urination

If you feel the need to urinate more often than usual especially at night, it can be a sign of damaged kidneys

When the kidneys are damaged it increases the urge to urinate though it could be a sign of urinary infection, to be on a safer side visit a doctor when this signs occurs.

5 Mixture of blood in the urine

In this stage, the kidney damage has gotten chronic. When flittering waste from the blood to create urine, the blood always stays in the body

But when it’s malfunctioning the blood cell start leaking into the urine, causing more harm to the body. This signs can also be a turmor disease, kidney stone or infection. All these diseases are unhealthy to the body.

6 Foamy urine

Excessive bubbles in the urine are bad signs of a kidney problem. This bubbles are those that looks like scrambled eggs

It indicates proteins in the urine which is unhealthy, these proteins should remain in the body to help build the body rather than being a waste product

Remember the kidneys are very important to the body system, avoid things that are harmful to the kidneys and they should be checked frequently.

These are only but few signs, it’s healthy to visit the doctor at least every 3-6 month per year. Health is wealth.

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