Conway The Machine Teases Shady Records Debut

Conway The Machine Teases Shady Records Debut

Conway The Machine teases what’s to come on his anticipated Shady Records debut “God Don’t Make Mistakes”.
Conway The Machine is on a tear. Only a few weeks ago, the lyricist delivered La Maquina, a project that once again solidified his position as one of the modern greats. Today, the prolific Buffalo rapper took a moment to catch up with Ebro, Laura Stylez, and Rosenberg, touching on a variety of promising topics.

After confirming that he intends on heading on tour this September, enlisting Stove God Cooks as the opening act, Conway opened up about some of his future musical endeavors. Endeavors that happen to include his upcoming Shady Records debut God Don’t Make Mistakes, which is easily one of the year’s most anticipated releases. “I ain’t know I was working that hard,” laughs Conway, marveling at the fact he currently has twenty projects under his belt.

Laura Stylez inquires about “Scatter Brain,” and how he managed to put together the Don Cannon-produced, J.I.D & Ludacris-assisted banger. “I wanted something I can air out real fast,” he explains. “A lot of people are trying to marginalize me, put me in a box. I’m a rough and tough gangsta rapper or something like that. I’m not a tough guy man, I live a beautiful life. I love the ladies, the ladies love me. I’m on that type of time. But I wanted to get one of them types of joints — I wanna talk my sass, man.”

“I hit Luda out of nowhere,” he continues. “That Wendy Williams thing had happened, DJ I forget his name, some lame, was talking crazy on the Wendy Williams show about the boy. So Luda had my back through that, so I hit him like we gotta cook. So I sent him that. In the meantime, when I was waiting on his verse, I hit my bro J.I.D. He sent it back, it all worked out like that.”

He also confirms that he and 2 Chainz worked on a song for God Don’t Make Mistakes, though he’s uncertain if it will make the cut over sample clearance issues. “He sent me something for his album he’s working on,” teases Conway. “He a good dude. He a real one. He always showed me love, and I like our chemistry on the records we did together.”

When Ebro asks what can be expected on Conway’s upcoming Shady release, The Machine takes a moment to consider. “The illest lyricism, the most beautiful wordplay that’s ever been witnessed by humankind,” he laughs. “Ill shit man! Put it simply, I’m just rapping, man. I’m not on some humble time no more. We rapping or what, that’s my message to n***as…Put me in that classroom, with the rappers.”

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