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Condition Given To Me By My Husband Before He Can Make Love To Me – Lady Seeks Advice (Fiction)

Condition Given To Me By My Husband Before He Can Make Love To Me – Lady Seeks Advice (Fiction)

All I ever wanted is a happy home, I was only trying to please my husband but I got myself into a mess which brought up the condition given to me, his wife!, before he can make love me.

My name is Precious, a naturally light skinned lady. My husband and I based in Abuja, we’ve been married for two years without any serious issue, but recently, his affection and attitude towards me has completely changed.

How I met my husband and how the journey started:

I first met my husband in a shopping mall, he walked up to me and initiated a brief conversation, we got talking and exchanged contact.

He often calls to check up on me and ask how my day went, he also shares is daily activities with me. We go out together, he gets beautiful gifts for me, I developed feelings for him cause he has shown to me that he loves me but he hasn’t let the cat out of the bag.

On this faithful night, he officially asked me out and I said yes, then we started dating. It was a dream come true for me.

He told me he loves very fair ladies, then I questioned him on why he asked me out in the first place since am not a ‘very fair’ lady, he replied that he asked me out because of my character. He added that he loves the way I compote myself and my mode of reasoning regarding life issues and business, really got him attracted to me. Finally, he assured me that my skin color didn’t matter to him anymore because he loves me.


After dating and courting for a year, he proposed and I accepted to marry him because I love him and I want to spend the rest of my life with him but during courtship, I noticed whenever fair ladies passes by, he often eyes them. However, we got married.

Our first year of marriage was fun and amazing. Although, I noticed that my husband still admires ladies fair ladies even when we go out together cause he couldn’t hide that from me. However, he wasn’t cheating on me and he never stoped loving me.

After we celebrated our second year marriage anniversary, my husband requested that I should become fairer, at first I thought he was joking, he talked about it the second time then I realized he was serious about it. I started feeling uncomfortable with my complexion.

Having studied him for years on the way he admires fair ladies, I decided to bleach, just to please him before he goes out there cheating on me.

I started bleaching by using lightening lotions and soaps. At first, it went well, I became very fair and my husband loved it so much. But things suddenly changed about me, I started having body odor. I tried to control it but to no avail, now the odor has gotten out of hand. My husband doesn’t share our master bedroom with me not to talk of making love with me. He said he won’t make love with me again until I get rid of the odor.

As a matter of urgency, please I need your help (advice). I can’t continue like this and I haven’t given birth to any children.

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