Complete Guide To Choosing A Video Card For Your Computer

Each computer consists of a number of individual components, each designed and built to perform specific tasks within your system. For many users, the video card that comes installed on the motherboard is not ideal for the uses intended for the computer. And many are those boards that no longer have the onboard video anymore. It is possible to choose a video card that is capable of delivering the quality you need without spending more than you have. If you want to know more about video card for your PC, <a href=”https://www.noflufftech.com/best-graphics-card-under-100/”>visit here</a>

Determine your needs
Web-based artists such as cartoonists, architects, graphic designers and 3D artists, have some of the most rigorous requirements for graphics cards. If you are going to use graphics applications or 3D modeling programs, you will want a higher performance card than a typical user, and may even tend to use a professional card.
Many computer games also require a high level of quality in their graphics in order to function properly.

Those who play computer games often buy a better video card for use with their hobby, as well as a good gaming computer to meet the demands of more modern games.

Identify computer specifications
Windows-based laptops or laptop computers have built-in video cards. These boards are effectively soldered to the motherboard of the computer and can not be replaced, thus eliminating the possibility of an adaptation or replacement.

The same goes for tablets, which usually have graphics processing on a dedicated chip.
On a desktop PC, run the diagnostic utility by typing “dxdiag” into the Start menu search window and press “Enter.” Your current graphics card will appear on the Display tab.

The type of memory also makes the difference in choosing a video card, as well as the current power of your source. The best-performing video cards, at the time this article was written, use GDDR5 memory and need sources with a power greater than 550 W to function perfectly.


I Apple Macbook Pro comes with a relatively advanced graphics card and can be more than adequate for your needs. Apple Mac Pro desktops have inputs, allowing you to replace your current Mac graphics card or add a more advanced one.

Note that you will need a PCI Express input on your motherboard for the video card to work. Hardly a computer can upgrade the video card without having to buy other parts, such as fonts or even the motherboard itself. And all this has a cost, which brings us to the next criterion.

Set A Reasonable Budget
Video cards can range from less than $ 300 to over $ 1000, depending on brand, power and type.

The best way to achieve the price you are willing to pay is to start from the top, picking the best video cards from the market as a reference and go down until you reach a range of values ​​that is best for your pocket.

Sometimes it will be better to buy two lower performance video cards and use  or CrossFire, which is the simultaneous use of two cards for better graphics processing. Your motherboard and power supply, however, must be enabled for the use of such technology.

A quick search on the internet about your motherboard can give you the answer. However, remember that using two lower power video cards is almost always worse than spending a little more and buying a better performance card.
Keep in mind that computer hardware and individual components improve several times a year
A more basic and inexpensive board will probably soon focus on obsolete and you may not be able to run some of the latest games or programs.

On the other hand, buying a card that is much more powerful than what you need is usually a waste of money. On the internet, search heavily for benchmarks and comparisons between video cards. There are many websites with this information and they are all extremely reliable. A very good tip is to always invest very well in a motherboard so that any future video cards or increments become easier and cheaper to make.

Ask, search and compare
Do not be afraid to ask friends and on the internet forums for recommendations, but be sure to research their suggestions before you buy. You can get the best results from humility in recognizing that other people may know a lot more about video cards than you do. And our recommendation is that you buy the card on the internet, where prices come out much more than any store.

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