Chris Wallace says Trump wouldn’t want more debates if he was leading in polls

Chris Wallace says Trump wouldn't want more debates if he was leading in pollsChris Wallace says Trump wouldn’t want more debates if he was leading in polls.

If President Trump were leading in the polls against presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, he probably wouldn’t want more debates, “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace told the “Brian Kilmeade Show” Thursday.

Wallace, who moderated the third presidential debate between Trump and Hillary Clinton in 2016, said the first of three presidential debates is set to take place Sept. 29 and the Commission on Presidential Debates will not make a change.

“If they were to open it up and say ‘no let’s set another debate, I just think it would jeopardize a lot of things,” Wallace claimed. “If Donald Trump were leading, instead of trailing in the polls, my guess is he wouldn’t want it, so they’ll have the debates.”

“They’ve had early voting before,” he added. “Yes, there’s going to be more of it this time.”

Wallace says the same argument for the Trump campaign suing Nevada over mail-in voting applies to the debates: “You can’t change the system this shortly before.”

After Biden’s recent spats with reporters’ questions, Wallace said, “This is why the debates are going to be must-see TV,” adding that “Donald Trump has some pretty interesting things that he says every once in a while, too.”

“When these two guys sit down, I mean, people are going to want to watch,” he said. “They’re going to want to see how these guys stand up under that pressure for 90 minutes.”

If the Biden campaign grants Wallace’s request for an interview, he promises, “I will be just as probing as I was with the president,” referencing his July 29 interview with Trump.

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