Cardi B Returns and Teases New Music After Deactivating Her Twitter Account

Cardi B

Cardi B Returns and Teases New Music After Deactivating Her Twitter Account.

“After next week I’m going full album mode,” Cardi B tweeted.
Cardi B’s break from Twitter was short-lived.

The superstar temporarily deactivated her account when fans demanded she drop her sophomore album after she revealed that she was excited to be releasing her own doll on Friday (March 5). By the first morning hours of Saturday, she was back on Twitter.

In her first tweet on Saturday, Cardi addressed the criticism of her project timelines by reminding fans how she announced her previous album, Invasion of Privacy: “I announced my 2018 album in March 11th I knew I had to drop by April because by may my stomach was getting to be to big to try to to music videos. That’s why i prefer it had been the last music video I made ….Soo please tell me when did I ever serve others to drop beside my stomach ?” she wrote.

She then tweeted a brief audio snippet of a replacement song, during which she seems to be rapping “I need extra money than problems this year.”

On Saturday evening, she got on Twitter again to offer her followers a quick update on her upcoming plans.

“After next week I’m going full album mode,” Cardi tweeted along side another clip — a throwback of the rapper performing on “Red Barz.” “I was hungry around this point .Perfecting & writing my s—.”

“Im getting to complete some business do things for ‘UP’ then I’m out !but please let’s stay topic & not inquire from me about things when ya know I don’t like talkin bout my moves,” she said.

Cardi B announced the arrival of her doll on Today Friday morning, opening up about how she wanted to style a doll that appears like her and represents a various array of women , including 2-year-old daughter Kulture, because she did not have that have with dolls as a toddler .

“I would love my daughter to play with a doll that appears like me. Growing up, I ain’t ever seen a doll that appear as if me. I ain’t ever seen a doll that basically represents me. once you attend the doll aisle once you was my age, it’s either like there is a real white one or there is a real dark one. and there is barely one that’s within the middle. None of them have my style, none of them have my flavor,” she recalled within the interview.


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