BSU Lecturer proposes to a lady on 2nd campus – (photos)


Comr Ortiv proposes to a young lady on campus before students.The lady expressed shocks as the Lecturer went down on his knees. Students who were at the scene rushed immediately and started taking pictures.

Lubem Terkula Aluta General wrote

Surprisingly, this afternoon for me, my Girlfriend has indeed finally engaged, regardless of my investment and borrowing to keep her happy.

These where the more reasons why I earlier said most girls don’t like dating campus guys especially BSU girls?

Nothing is painful like watching your ex girlfriend been propose by a lecturer whom u suspected to be the cause of your separation.

A university lecturer once told us in a GST class that these girls are for them, until today the meaning of that statement has been echo to me again as I weep.

Did one need to be told why a broke ass guy can’t date or keep a beautiful girl?

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Such a guy will only end up losing her and being sorrowful after borrowing to keep her happy.

A lot of guys (especially BSU guys) have gone through such dilemma, and still licking their wounds after losing their babes to rich or working class dudes, if u want to confirm this just visit Suswan girls hostel BSU First Campus in the night.

And that’s why most campus girls don’t like dating campus guys, because they feel they won’t be able to provide for their needs like a working class dude would…And such traits is very common with runs girls. Who live life on the edge; buying this and that, changing guys and sleeping with different guys just maintain themselves. But one thing such girls don’t know is that, a rejected stone would one day become the cornerstone.

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And university this days ladies have turn it into something else, it’s fun having a relationship in school because u both would support each other in studies and ideas.


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