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RESUMPTION As we patiently await the official announcement from the registrar, Mrs. Helen Nyitse, it is necessary that we as Students Union Leaders play our own part by apprising you of what is required of us (Students); First we must understand that the strike has not been called off and therefore not all things especially Clinic Services, light and water would be provided at 100% capacity; this will require adequate and judicious management of water that will be provided. We hereby appeal to all students to resume with lamps and torches to compliment the power that would be supplied.

Secondly, it is evident that the University management would be putting in place extra hands since the University Staff are still striking; in order to provide these amenities, the students Union has been mandated to advice ALL students who still owe charges (fees) to pay up so as to help facilitate the financial state of the University, this is to avoid last minute rush as stringent measures may be taken to ensure payment is made. Thirdly, students must note that in view of the current Fuel crisis being faced in the State, we would require maximal cooperation of students in order to see that the price of transportation is regulated at a tolerable price; we assure you that the office of the welfare Secretary and committee would be taxed to work ahead of next week. ALL HOSTELS TO BE OPENED ON THE 4TH SUNDAY

Further More, we urge all students not to see this as detrimental but to understand that it is a sacrifice worth making in other to achieve our academic pursuit, please note that other universities of the Federation are managing a similar manner. We the Leadership of the Students Union assure Great Makurdians that we would always ensure that your welfare would always be prioritized. While thanking the University Administration headed by Prof. A. R. Kimbir for keeping to their word, we wish you a safe trip back to the ivory tower of UAM Next week, and a happy new month. Don’t forget to like our page for updates from us 

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