Bow Wow Finally Getting His Flowers After Drake Shoutout

Bow Wow Finally Getting His Flowers After Drake Shoutout.

People are sharing their favorite Bow Wow moments after Drake gave him the last word shout-out last night.
All it took was a 20-second speech from Drake and, suddenly, everyone loves Bow Wow again. The rapper recently shouted out Bow Wow and chilled with him in Houston after charting his new three songs at #1, #2, and #3 on the Billboard Hot 100. Bow was present for the celebratory dinner with the OVO team, and Drake had some huge praise for the previous child star, saying that there would be no Drake if Bow Wow hadn’t paved the way for him.

Given the way that folks like to perpetually clown Bow Wow, either for a few Bow Wow Challenge-adjacent nonsense or for something unrelated, it appeared like another few years would inevitably pass before people realized that the person actually may be a legend. Thankfully, Bow is finally beginning to get his flowers after Drake’s praise-filled video hit the web , with many fans speaking about how the 34-year-old reality star jump-started things for tons of today’s rappers.

Bow Wow has been a trending topic on Twitter since Monday evening. Fans are finally reminded of the rapper’s greatness, forgetting about all the corny activity that followed his iconic career and celebrating him for what he’s . A young pioneer.

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