Billionaire Bussines Man Dangote’s Ex-Wife Steps Out During The Wedding Ceremony

Not much is known about the marital status of Africa’s richest man and billionaire businessman, Aliko Dangote, because he guards it jealously.

However, he tries to be discreet about his family, rumour has it that he has been married and divorced a few times. Unlike some of his friends, who attend important events in company with their wives, Dangote always steps out at such occasions with his daughters, especially Halima, who he is particularly close to and almost always represents him at functions that he is unavoidably absent.

Even though the word in town is that Dangote has been married more than once and has kids from more than one woman, very little is known about his supposed exes. Nevertheless, the wedding of his daughter, Fatima, that held in Kano a few days ago provided the opportunity for people to meet with the bride’s mum, Zainab, who used to be married to Dangote.

The beautiful woman, who bears a striking resemblance to Fatima, was present at the numerous activities marking her daughter’s wedding to Jamilu Abubakar. She also played a prominent role at the Mother’s Night organised as part of the wedding activities and was supported by another of her daughters, Mariya, who, unlike Fatima and Halima, is less prominent.

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