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Biden to sign two orders on gender equity in policy, education

President Joe Biden is set to sign two executive orders on gender equity [File: Erin Scott/Reuters]

Biden to sign two orders on gender equity in policy, education.

United States President Joe Biden is about to sign two executive orders associated with gender equity on International Women’s Day, consistent with the White House, in a clear rebuke of former President Donald Trump.

One order to be signed on Monday will establish a White House Gender Policy Council “to make sure that the Biden-Harris Administration advances gender equity and equal rights and opportunity for ladies and girls”, the White House said during a statement. Trump had previously disbanded a White House office specifically focused on women’s issues created during the administration of former President Barack Obama.

The second order is for a review of the Department of Education’s “regulations, orders, guidance, and policies” associated with gender discrimination, including changes made by the Trump administration to Title IX regulations, which prohibit gender discrimination in federally funded institutions.

“As the country continues to grapple with the pandemic and reckons with the scourge of systemic racism, President Biden knows that we’d like a government-wide specialise in uplifting the rights of girls and girls within the us and round the world, restoring America as a champion for gender equity and equality,” the White House said.

White House Gender Policy Council
The so-called White House Gender Policy Council will operate within the chief Office of the President and can have a task in both domestic and policy and can be required to undergo the president “to address gender in policies, programmes and budgets, and an annual report back to measure progress on implementing the strategy”.

The council also will include a special assistant to the president and senior adviser on gender-based violence “to prevent and answer gender-based violence, wherever it occurs”.

Among a laundry list of objectives, the council will seek to combat systemic bias and discrimination; increase economic security and opportunities for ladies within the labour force; and advance gender equality internationally through “diplomacy, development, trade, and defence”.

A council created during the Obama era with similar aims – called the White House Council on Women and Girls – was quietly disbanded by Trump shortly after he took office in 2017.

Department of Education and Title IX
The Department of Education and Title IX review, meanwhile, could pave the thanks to a serious shift in how colleges handle allegations of sexual misconduct moving forward.

Trump’s education secretary, Betsy DeVos, in 2018, rescinded Obama-era administration guidelines for colleges and universities to punish individuals in reported sexual abuse cases.

DeVos increased the burden of proof administrators must use to adjudicate an allegation from a “preponderance of evidence”, which suggests quite 50 percent of the evidence indicates guilt, to “clear and convincing evidence”, which suggests guilt must be more substantially likely to be true than not true. The standards relate only to punishment by school administrations and not criminal charges.

The changes also reduced the liability of schools and universities for investigating sexual misconduct claims and bolstered the due process of law rights of the accused, including the proper to cross-examine their accusers through a third-party advocate at campus hearings.

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