Home Entertainment Beyoncé Rumored To Drop Surprise “B7” Album This Week, Beyhive Loses It

Beyoncé Rumored To Drop Surprise “B7” Album This Week, Beyhive Loses It


Beyoncé Rumored To Drop Surprise “B7” Album This Week, Beyhive Loses It
Fans are trying to piece together whether or not we’re about to get “B7.”
Aside from posting a tribute to Nipsey Hussle, Beyoncé hasn’t said much on social media. Her fans are setting their alarms to watch the singer’s Netflix Homecoming: A Film By Beyoncé documentary on Wednesday that follows the illustrious 2018 Coachella performance by the first black woman to headline the festival. It’s been three years since the star dropped Lemonade in our laps, and now evidence shows that she may be surprising fans with a new album this week.

You already know that the Beyhive doesn’t let Beyoncé breathe without reporting on it, so when an album titled B7 was listed under Beyoncé’s Genius page, they ran with the news. The tracklist for the album also shows only three collaborations: Jay Z, Solange, and Rihanna. Some people have stated that this playlist has been making its way through the internet for quite some time and no one should believe that it’s real. If you visit Genius’ website, there is no tracklisting available, but there still is B7 with an expected release date of April 18.

There have also been rumors that following the Homecoming doc, there may be a live performance album on the way, so B7 could be just that. However, Bey has always been an artist who likes to keep fans on their toes, so we will just have to wait and see. Meanwhile, Beyhive stans continue to freak out.


I just pray that is a classic Beyoncé singing album & she isn’t continuing down this sing-rap ‘yuh yuh yuh, aye aye aye’ rap lane because i’m tired.

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Justin Renck@jprenck

Listen….. I’m not trying to play into this conspiracy theory of . However, if I’m not mistaken, I believe she has fulfilled her record deal with @ColumbiaRecords. In turn, it would make sense for to be the next album solely under

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After some careful consideration and words from @beysux, I have come to a conclusion that will be coming December 2019 and the tour will begin shortly after.

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Are you ready for another Beyoncé album?


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