#BBnaija: 5 things to remember about fifth Saturday night

5 things to remember about fifth Saturday night.   However, the party doesn’t come without fair share of drama and intrigue.5 things to remember about fifth Saturday night.

However, the party doesn’t come without fair share of drama and intrigue.

Here are five interesting things that happened on the fifth Saturday night:

· Bright O, Kiddwaya set the dance floor burning

Again, Bright O surprised viewers and fans as he threw all caution into the wind to dig it hard on the dance floor. Bright O dance moves had the internet buzzing aside leaving the Housemates in awe.

And DJ Obi, who was on the turntables, didn’t leave the Housemates dulling as he dished out jams after jams. As if that wasn’t enough, Kiddwaya decided to tease fans and viewers with some dance moves. These were sure of some of the fun moments of the night.

· The mirror gang

There’s something about watching yourself dance in front of the mirror that amplifies the mood and some Housemates couldn’t help enjoying their dance moves. Not like it was new to Saturday night parties but Erica and Tolanibaj led the group that danced gleefully in front of the mirror. Many thanks to DJ Obi for dishing tunes after tunes to delight of Housemates.

· Neo avoids Vee on the dance floor

All through the three-hour party, something was brewing. For some reasons, Neo refused to dance with Vee. Viewers and fans couldn’t help but notice Neo was dancing with everybody but Vee. At some point, he becomes worked up during the party and it took Ozo and Laycon to pacify him.

Neo avoiding Vee is coming hours after the two fought over food. What started as a misunderstanding over food soon escalated to the extent Vee and Neo stopped talking and even kept their distance during the party.

It was evident they had an altercation as they avoided each other throughout the party with Neo dancing with everyone else. At some points during the night, Vee tried to get his attention and it almost turned into a mild drama. The event at the party had seen viewers and fans asking if there was trouble in paradise

· The Wathoni, Bright O and Dorathy love triangle

One thing Wathoni and Dorathy agreed after discussing their relationship with him was that Bright O was quite smart and they decided to play a fast one on him. Wathoni urged Dorathy to go join him in bed even though Bright O had earlier invited her.

She was going to walk in when Dorathy was settled to see his reaction. While waiting for Dorathy to get comfortable in Bright O’s bed, Wathoni revealed what they were up to Vee. Not only did she reveal what they were scheming she also opened up about kissing Bright O and even went on to admit he was a good kisser.

Vee warned her that Bright O doesn’t like anyone in the House and he was only on a cruise before helping her confirm if Dorathy was settled in his bed. The plan didn’t exactly go as planned because Bright O eventually left his bed for Dorathy to go sleep in the garden where Wathoni joined him.

· Neo, Vee revisit the food drama

After the party, Vee and Neo decided to revisit the drama, which food caused in their relationship. Neo explained he was trying to get Vee food so she could take her pain killers. Bright O was the one making the meal and he was initially undecided about making either poundo or semo.

Neo knew Vee only ate poundo and he asked Bright O to make that instead. In a twist, Bright O ended up making semo for the House. Neo’s explanation to Vee about why semo was made instead of poundo didn’t seem to go down well and she stormed off leaving him mad. “It feels like I am always being taken for a ride every time I show I’m caring,” he said while explaining his issue to Ozo. He ended up saying, “I no do again.”

Speaking to Prince and Laycon, Vee said: “Food is not the issue, it is the way he reacted.” Vee went further and revealed that Neo went as far as shouting at her. She told Nengi earlier she found it to be quite embarrassing.

“I don’t like feeling embarrassed… he didn’t have to shout,” she said. She ended the conversation with Laycon and Prince by insisting she was becoming repetitive as she was always dealing with the same thing. Vee did mention that she had no intention of ending it with him and would talk to him later today.

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