Avoid Embarrassment Stop Calling It ‘Egusi Soup’ It Is Wrong, See The Correct Word

Avoid Embarrassment Stop Calling It ‘Egusi Soup’ It Is Wrong, See The Correct Word

Everyone should be mindful with the way we speak English everyday, we all know that English is not our mother tongue, we have our own respective native Language.

For us to look different, unique and presentable from others, we should be able to pronounce Some words correctly, for instance.

1) We have Moi-Moi which is called Bean pudding.

2) We have Akara which is called Bean cake.

3) And we also have Pap/Akamu Which is called Corn flakes.

In this Article, We are going to be looking at the original name of Egusi Soup.

Egusi soup is a kind of soup thickened with the ground seeds and popular in West Africa, with considerable local variation, which you can enjoy with Starch like Eba, FuFu or With semo depending on your choice. Egusi is an benefit oil seed with more than 50% of oil. It’s a good source of essential amino acids, vitamins and micronutrients, so to avoid embarrassment the original name for Egusi Soup is Melon Soup.

Within your home you can call it Egusi soup but when you’re outside or Restaurant, be unique and different by calling it Melon Soup.

These are Some ways to enhance your spoken English.

1: Always read books, like novel, magazine, Newspaper etc.

2: Always Check out for new words you come across with your dictionary and jot it down.

3: Always watch educational And English movie series to learn new grammar.

4: Always make out time and practice those words Remember practices make progress so always practice what you learn.

I hope you learnt something new, if you feel there is something that should be added to the list you are free to add yours. if you do not agree with the corrections made above, you’re free to share your opinion in comments Boxes.

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