Asian Doll Getting Face & Neck Tattoos For King Von

Asian Doll Getting Face & Neck Tattoos For King Von

Asian Doll Getting Face & Neck Tattoos For King Von.

Asian Doll is getting two new tattoos on her face and neck as a tribute to King Von.
Since the tragic passing of Chicago rapper King Von, the rapper’s ex-girlfriend, Asian Doll, has been trying to stay his legacy alive by painting her body with reminders of the O’Block storyteller. On Tuesday, the rapper revealed that she already has four tattoos as a tribute to Von, including the massive portrait on her hand, and she’s planning on getting two more. In fact, one among the 2 are going to be on her before the top of the day.

Sharing a number of her favorite good memories with King Von, the self-proclaimed Queen Von shared her immediate plans to urge two more tattoos for her ex-boyfriend. “I got Von tatted 4 times today I’m finna make it 5,” she tweeted. “Cause y’all ain’t nevaaaaa just take my boy like that.” She broke down the location of her numerous tattoos, remarking one under her breast, two across her arm, and therefore the large portrait on her hand. She revealed that she’ll be getting the new pieces on her face and neck. “That’s gone make a complete 6 times,” she added. “Stop telling me what to try to to this is often not a debate.”

Asian Doll has received tons of criticism for a way heavy she’s been repping King Von since his passing. However, what her haters fail to understand is that she and Von were during a happy committed relationship for months before ending . Asian says that they break up just days before Von’s death.

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