Andre 3000 Reunites With Goodie Mob On “No Cigar”

Elusive though he may be, Andre 3000 hasn’t forgotten how to obliterate a track when necessary. And seeing as his longtime associates Goodie Mob have recently emerged with their first studio album since 2013, it would appear that the time has come. No wonder, as Three Stacks and The Mob go way back, two veterans of the Dungeon Family’s rise to Atlanta hip-hop greatness. Now, nearly thirty years down the line, the gang has reunited for “No Cigar,” a bouncy and nostalgic posse cut that finds Andre 3000 closing things out as only he can.

Though all parties hold it down admirably, it’s hard not to focus on Andre’s bars, seeing as they’re so damn rare in this modern landscape. Perhaps befitting of the occasion, Three Stacks takes it back to the formative years, spitting a slick and old-school flow scheme as reflects his days as a younger man. Possessing many strengths as an emcee, one of his biggest is his ability to bring fragmented snapshots of memory to life in such an evocative fashion; though “No Cigar” is far from his most vividly rendered work, it’s still a welcome addition to the canon all the same.

And besides, it’s hard to argue with a Goodie Mob and Andre 3000 reunion in this day and age. Do yourself a favor and give this one a spin, especially if you still have love for the storied Atlanta crew.


I’m hula hoopin’, double-dutchin’ kickballin’ that ho
New maneuver no discussion, fuck all of them hos
What’s the Dungeon, a home, a home for misfits
Sleepin on the floor then wake up when you smell somethin’ lit


Source: HNH

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