After Her Madam Burned Her With Hot Iron, See What A Maid Did That Made People Praise Her (Video)

After Her Madam Burned Her With Hot Iron, See What A Maid Did That Made People Praise Her (Video)

Sometimes we see some acts of inhumanity that we wonder if some people have a heart at all. A video of what a woman did to her young maid almost brought tears into my eyes when I watched it. The young maid was shown with severe burns on her buttocks and people went to apprehend her madam for the inhuman act. When the madam was asked what she used on the little girl that gave her such severe injuries on both sides of her buttocks, she said she had used hot pressing Iron on her. She was subsequently asked when it happened to which she replied 3 days ago and she said she had taken her to a pharmacy. The man asking her the question remarked that she should have taken her to a better hospital.

When I watched the video, amidst the anger and tears that almost dropped of my eyes I saw something that brought a smile to my face. While the madam was being interrogated, the baby she was carrying started crying and reaching out to the maid. Then the maid showed an act of kindness that makes us wonder why the woman would even do what she did. She stretched her hand to carry the baby even in her bad condition.

Because of the incredibly graphic mature of the photos of the burns she suffered, they cannot be posted here. Please watch the video to see them. Click to watch VIDEO. Her act of kindness won the heart of many Nigerians who reacted to what she did. They condemned the madam for her wicked act and praised the young girl for her kind heart. Below are some comments.

In the video, they were about taking her to the hospital and her madam had been apprehended and it is our hope that she faces the full wrath of the law for her act of wickedness. The thought of putting a hot pressing Iron on the buttocks of a mere child is really hard to imagine. What are your thoughts?

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