Aesop Rock Delivers New Album “Spirit World Field Guide”

Though Aesop Rock may style himself the Spirit World Field Guide on his brand new album, a word of caution. This is Aesop Rock we’re talking about, the master of the abstract himself, and following his guidance may ultimately take listeners through one-way doors they can’t return from. But that’s all part of the fun, is it not? After all, what better way than to dive into a new body of work from the Rhymesayers lyricist than in a state of wide-eyed bewilderment? 

For the most part, Rock’s twisted tour through the Spirit World consists of a staggering twenty-one stops, taking a little over an hour to complete in full. Sightseeing opportunities include such stops as “Pizza Alley,” “Holy Waterfall,” and “The Gates.” Food and beverages will be provided to you, a healthy serving of “Salt” and “Marble Cake.” Be sure to keep your pen, pad, and notebook handy, as you’ll have much to decipher throughout your travels. For the most part, safety is not guaranteed. Though your physical well-being is at little risk, it’s entirely possible that your psyche will suffer untold damage — though what some call damage, others call enlightenment. It’s all a matter of perspective.

Sign up for a voyage with the Spirit World Tour Guide today!


Source: HNH

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