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Abi Brigz Full Biography, Abi Brigz Music

Abi Brigz Full BiographyAbi Brigz Full Biography, Abi Brigz Music

Abi Brigz. Singer, songwriter from Bloomfield New Jersey. She been writing all her life. Poetry, lyrics, short stories, thoughts, ect.

In school, her writing would grab a lot of my English teacher’s attention. She Will never forget her freshman English teacher. She was convinced She would be a good writer, but after she saw her perform after school in the musicians club, she told her “forget being a writer your going to be a singer”.

Both of her parents were musicians. Her dad was in a rock band and her mom studied opera and cello in school. They introduced her to many different styles of music.

She attended the School of Rock in Montclair for about 4 years working with a vocal coach. She recall this one day during her lesson she had a few instructors watching through the window and hearing her sing. One of the instructors told her mom She could have a music career right now if they really wanted, but it was best to stay in school.

Age Of Music Career Started:

She was only 14 then. She started writing lyrics young, when she was about 11 or 12.

Record Label:

She started recording two years ago with “Mpower Records”, a label for independent artists.

Upcoming Project:

She have a few singles out and an EP that came out this past January 2021. She had worked on her EP for two years with Mpower.

She had 3 songs play on the radio. “You and I twice” on “Brave New Radio” and my two songs “Necessary” and “Self Love” on Blaze It Up Radio several times.
She have a podcast on Spotify called Brigz Corner and merch. Along with art She created for sale on her website. She have a few projects She will be working on over the next few months and very excited to share with all of you. So anticipate.

Abi Brigz Songs

You and I
Self Love
Fuck The Club Up
Beautiful People
Chill N
Summer Nights

Social media handles

Ig  @abibrigz
Fb  Abi Brigz
Tumblr  im -a-sunflowergoddess
Podcast Brigz Corner (Spotify, anchor, Google podcasts, ect.)
Apple Music, iheartradio, iTunes, YouTube Spotify, ect.   Abi Brigz

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