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A POOR PRESIDENT? Look at the poorest President in the world

A POOR PRESIDENT? Look at the poorest President in the world

Uruguay’s former President Josè Mujica was known and loved for being the modest president who chose to not reside at the Presidential palace but in his tiny house.

Josè Mujica was the 40th President of Uruguay who was in power from 01 March 2010 to 01 March 2015. He gave away 90% of his salary. He is the Uruguayan President who legalized marijuana and gay marriage.

Mujica leads quite an unorthodox life inside and outside of the public eye. When he was President, he turned down the offer to live in a state-provided presidential home and chose to live in his wife’swmodest farmhouse instead.

If his home wasn’t evidence enough, he isn’t a preacher without action. Mujica lived on only 10 per cent of his income, choosing to give the rest to charity instead. His primary vehicle was an aging 1987 Volkswagen Beetle and was the only thing he declared in 2010 for his annual personal wealth declaration, as his home, land and tractor are actually his wife’s.

He has since retired and still resides in his farm home.

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