A message to the Youth from Odeh Augustine

The dream
It was a bad terrible day in my dream
I had so much love for confraternity when I was young due to watching of nollywood frat movies

So then, I told myself that no matter how I was gon join them when I get to the university

So I started browsing about them and fell in love with black axe called aye..
I studied them, mingled with them, studied their language and all.

In my 200L someone officially told me about fraternity in school and told me join them
I was happy he saw me wanting and able to be frat members

Immediately the thought of my mother came to my mind then i told him I was gon think about it

So after semester I went home and during the break I had a dream
The guy was in my dream flogging me and beating me that why did I refuse to join the group.

Immediately I woke up I prayed over it and told myself I wasn’t gon join the group

After a week a member of the black axe group was killed by rival cult.

So we resumed new semester a new session and I was still chilling with them
I learnt some of there language personally.

I walked with them and people started thinking have joined them bcos I started keeping dread as a hairstyle.

Each time I say to myself I was gon join the group bad things always happen like student dying by cult fight in school.

Due to what was happening in school I started getting scared bcos I didn’t want to die due to frat in school though I still had much love for it.

So I told myself I was gon join the group after I graduate so, that when I join nobody will know and I’ll go home after graduation so that rival cult won’t put eyes on me.

That was my plan
Few days ago I posted a picture on WhatsApp.


The picture was all about black axe group and comments started coming in.

People were asking if have join the group I told them no and somebody who was a member warned me seriously concerning the picture I posted that it was an act of impersonation I got scared and deleted the picture tho I knew what I posted
So that night I had a dream.

Members of the saw and started interrogating me concerning the picture I posted on WhatsApp.

They checked my phone in the dream but couldn’t find the picture and they started beating me and Immediately I woke up and deleted the picture on my phone but I still had it in mind that I was gon join the group after graduation until today
In today’s dream.

In the dream I was already a member but due to the fact I was not a registered member in the physical I was feeling like I was impersonating.

We had camp in the forest where all members of the black axe group came together even girls.

I started seeing girls whom I thought were Christians in the gathering
Saw different people in the camp
We were singing to their song.

We were happy but I was not feeling comfortable bcos I was not a registered member in the physical and it was as if I was impersonating.

So I left and went outside
Suddenly I saw soldiers invading the building immediately I jumped inside a river and they noticed.

They surrounded the building and killed everybody in the building
And they came for me in the river looking for me.

They were throwing bombs inside the river but couldn’t see me
After a long search they saw me and I was captured but they killed everyone except me.

Immediately I woke up and prayed
This is 4:20am 17/05/2020
◦ I’m gon be a vessel to preach against CULTISM to youth
◦ Making them to understand the dangers involved in it.

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