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A Male Fan Admits Mlindo’s Drink Was Spiked ( Video)

Singer Mlindo took to his Instagram account to post a video from a fan who admitted pouring something into his drink, which led to the singer’s performing drunk at a gig on stage. The video portraying his habit on stage that day has since then gone viral.

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The singer has been in the news of late for all the wrong reasons after he appeared drunk whiles performing on stage in a video that has since then gone viral. The singer came out to reveal he had no idea what happened to him on stage and later on offered an apology to his fans for his unacceptable behavior. There has been a new twist in the story after a fan sent the singer a video admitting his drink was spiked because he is stubborn. The singer has gone further to post the video on his Instagram account as it vindicates him for all wrong doings.

Watch video below:



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