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9 Things To Never Be Sorry About In Life (Even When You Want To)

At times, we found ourselves in situations whereby we feel the best thing to do is to feel or say sorry in order to quench the present hullabaloo we're facing, but no! That is not always the case.

At times, we found ourselves in situations whereby we feel the best thing to do is to feel or say sorry in order to quench the present hullabaloo we’re facing, but no! That is not always the case.

Here are 9 times you should never be sorry in life, even when you feel like saying or acting like it.

1. Your Marital Status

Life is not a race, your life is different to that of others. Stop comparing yourself to others.

When you’re asked about your hubby or kid, if you haven’t had them, simply state so.

Stop ending your sentence with a tone that come off as you pitying yourself.

No one will help you cater your affairs. They won’t help you manage the marriage they’re trying to push you into. Be wise.

2. Telling The Truth

I don’t know who come with the saying that truth is better. Whomever it is, he or she has painted truth the wrong clour.

The truth does nothing but set one free.

When you choose to say the truth – STAND BY IT AND NEVER FEEL SORRY.

As long as it is the truth, it’ll exonerate you and you’ll become happier.

3. Other People’s Expectations

Others expectation mostly breed from insecurity, greed, selfishness and self-centeredness.

When you could meet up or live to their expectations, never feel sorry.

Kindly state the reason you can’t agree or fail to do their wish, if it good with them – FINE, if it’s not – JUST LET THEM BE

4. Not Knowing Something

From the day we’re born to the day, we’ll die – WE WILL KEEP LEARNING.

Knowledge stem from different source, not having knowledge about something shouldn’t be the reason you decided to continue apologizing or living a low life.

Instead of feeling sorry about the situation, GO LEARN. Seek that knowledge.

5. Your Past

We all have past, some, we’re proud of, others we’re not.

Feeling sorry about your past will do you absolutely no good. Whatever the situation may be, It’s all in the past now.

You won’t move forward if you keep visiting your past. If you’re serious about your life – get out of your past, living in the present moment and prepare for your future.

6. Asking For Help

We all need help, “No man is ever an island” and “A tree can never make a forest“. We all need one another to survive, even Nations do.

If you genuinely ask someone for help and they refuse to render a helping hands, and you know the help is within their capability.

Never feel sorry about asking for help in the first place, if they don’t help you – it’s a their doing, not yours. Seek help somewhere else.

7. Your Career Choice

This is similar to you not living up to someone else’s expectation.

It is common for parents to want their ward to study a particular course due to personal reasons, whereas these kid are interested in something totally different, if eventually such parents we’re able to force their will on their wards, the end will be catastrophic – they’ll end up blaming themselves for misleading their kids.

If your desired career choice doesn’t go down well with someone, probably, some dear to you.

Someone like your parents, religious leader, family member or close friends.

Simply follow your heart and do want you love doing, because in the end no one will help you carry your burden when things go South.

8. Other People’s Mistakes

Just as you should learn to own up to your mistakes, so you should allow others to.

Never defend people’s mistakes to the extend that you lie against yourself.

If you do that, you aren’t giving them to chance to grow and improvement and also you’re sabotaging your joy, happiness and inner fulfilled.

They will take you for a fool.

You might easily be considered as a door mat, did you know what people do with a door mat?….

Think about it, no matter how nice you are, or think you can be, you can never be perfect neither will you be loved by all.

9. Not Wanting To Talk To Someone

Every human is entitled to his or her privacy, at times we feel like not having dialogue with people, include our family members, all we want is a ‘me‘ time.

Never feel sorry not wanting to talk to someone.

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