8 Warning Signs Of Stroke You Should Always Look Out For (Photos)

8 Warning Signs Of Stroke You Should Always Look Out For (Photos)

Stroke occurs when part of the brain stops receiving a steady flow of blood. Stroke can lead to death, it can also lead to temporary or, permanent paralysis. However, just like many other sicknesses, stroke shows some warning signs before it fully attacks a person.

Stroke is a life threatening condition that has the potential of permanently changing a person’s quality of life so, it is important to always look out for the warning sign of stroke in order to prevent it or reduce it’s effects.

Here Are Eight (8) Warning Signs Of Stroke People Who Are Up To 40 Years Should Always Look Out For

1. Trouble Walking Or Loss Of Balance: one of the classic signs of stroke is the loss of balance and trouble walking. People who are about to stroke usually lose stability which makes it difficult for them to walk properly.

2. Difficulty In Speaking: people who are about to have a stroke often times lose their ability to speak properly.

Their speech can become slurry and they might be unable to, pronounce words properly which makes it difficult for people to hear or understand what they are saying.

3. Numbness On One Side Of The Body: the brain has two hemisphere, the right hemisphere and the left hemisphere. The right hemisphere controls the left side of the body while, the left hemisphere controls the right side of the body.

So, when the blood supply to the right hemisphere is interrupted, it causes numbness in the left side of the body. Numbness means the inability to feel a part of your body. Numbness is a common warning sign of stroke.

4. Dizziness: dizziness might not necessary be a sign of stroke becausez even common sicknesses like malaria can cause dizziness.

However, when a healthy person who is not under any stress suddenly starts feeling dizzy, it might be a sign of stroke especially, if such a person has an underlying medical condition like heart problems.

5. Confusion: people who are about to have a stroke usually get confused. Simple things can become very complicated and confusing for people who are about to have a stroke.

If you are up to 40 years and this happens you, it might be a warning that you are about to stroke out.

6. Vision Problems: another common warning sign of stroke is visual problems.

This means that, the vision of a person who is on a verge of having a stroke will become blurry and they can have trouble seeing from one or both of their eyes.

7. Severe Headaches: headache be it severe or, mild is a common sign of many sickness like, malaria, or hypertension. However, the headaches you experience when you are about to have a stroke is severe and feels different from other kinds of headaches you have experienced in the past.

So, if you notice a severe headache that feels different from the headaches you have suffered in the past, it might a sign of stroke.

8. Face Dropping: it is common for the face of a person who is about to have a stroke to drop. This means that, part of their face will look shapeless and similar to the face of a bull dog

Other common warning signs that shows a person is about to have a stroke includes; muscles stiffness, changes in behavior, memory loss, loss of sensation in parts of the body, uncontrollable eye movement, inability to write properly and difficulty swallowing.

Once you notice any of these signs, rush to the hospital or ask people around you to rush you to the hospital.

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