8 Types Of Men Every Woman Hates To Marry

There are characters some men have that, has, always make women to be avoiding them whenever the discussion for marriage comes up. This is why most men find it difficult to attract the women of their choice. It’s important we discuss this, because so many men out there don’t know or little do they have the idea of these characters.

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You may have so many times wondered how is it that your friends seem to be a charming and irresistible man for all the ladies around and you just don’t seem to have that luck? You will find out the reasons in this article.

Below are 8 types of men every woman hates to marry.

1) THE ‘YES MAN’. You shouldn’t expect to be irresistible and most attractive of all guys in your area for the ladies if you are a ‘yes man’ type of man. Every woman loves a man who can stand up for himself. Except she is trying to use you to achieve selfish desires, otherwise you will never impress her with your ‘yes man’ attitude. Be a man, don’t be a boy when you are with a woman. Make her believe that you are no longer a baby simply by the way you display maturity and also your words.

2) THE MAN WHO ARGUES ENDLESSLY: Some men just love to argue endlessly and enjoy winning every argument, but the undisputed fact is that you will not be irresistible and attractive to her with this type of verbal muscle. Women hate men who argue endlessly and men who also try to correct them all the time for every little discussion. Men are not known to be talking too much, you don’t argue with everything or for anything otherwise she will conclude it that you behave like women and that’s not fair to your personality.

3) THE MALE SUPREMACIST: No woman loves a man who always seeks for an opportunity to downgrade her. If you have this attitude, then you will not be irresistible to any woman. Women dislike any man that makes them feel they are inferior to the community. Don’t make her seem she is not valued by anyone or because you are the man, so therefore she doesn’t have any opinions for anything you said. Make her to be valued and important if you want to win her heart.

4) THE PREDICTABLE GUY: It’s such an easy thing to predict some men. You will know what they are going to eat every morning, what they are going to talk about and being with men who are so predictable can really be boring when you, it hurt mentally and emotionally too. Try to be spontaneous if you are the predictable guy because women hate predictable guys. For her to Know you with a particular ugly lifestyle have already disqualified you from being attractive, romantic and charming to her. She shouldn’t predict your words and actions whenever she is with you. As a man, you should be unpredictable.

This picture is used for illustrative purposes.

5) THE MAN WHO ACTS LIKE A BABY: Like I mentioned above, don’t behave like a baby boy whenever you are with a woman. Be a man. Some men still act like babies and it really frustrates and annoys women. Women dislike men who act naive and immature. If you want to be irresistible to her, then you need to grow up and be a real man. Your words, your actions, your steps, your appearance and your approach to things should always present you as a matured man and not a baby boy.

6) THE SYMPATHY SEEKER: Some men just love seeking for sympathy, and this is one behavior women dislike most. Confidence and authority in a man are important, and you really need to know this if you want to charm women. How do you expect to be attractive and irresistible when you have already made her to sympathize with you, maybe for financial needs, accommodation, or mentally you can not handle any things? Be strong as a man, if she willingly wants to offer assistance, then that’s great, otherwise don’t make her to see you as a man who is not capable enough to be with a woman.

7) THE ALL TALKS AND NO ACTION MAN: Don’t make promises you know that you will not fulfill, women hate it just like the way you hate Boko Haram, women hate men who are professional in promise and fail. Some men are just so good with words that they always draw women to themselves with their sweet words but the problem comes when the woman be won her heart with sweet words could not stay around for too long the moment she discovers that all the things said to her is nothing but fake promises. Women hate men who can not follow or keep their own words. As a man, you should talk less and take more of action.

Don’t take because of the sweetness of her body in bed and then promise to buy what you can not afford or something you know you can’t do for her. Instead of promise and fail, are better you didn’t promise at all.

8) THE ILL-MANNERED MAN: Some men are so ill-mannered, and women hate this with so much passion. You have to learn how to behave properly if you want to be irresistible to a woman. Scratching your tummy while talking to a woman is so wrong.

Don’t be shivering while talking to a woman. Look her in the eyes while talking to her, scratching your beard while talking to a woman is ill-mannered. Give her a proper character, and you will definitely charm her and make her yours.

90% of women is not hard to get but the way you started your game is what will determine the results.

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