7 Qualities All Women Look For In a Perfect Partner 》

Every woman is a mystery wrapped in an enigma with a question mark written on her face. It is nearly impossible to tell what they like in a guy, but we can certainly try.

Let’s start off by stating the obvious: different women like different qualities in men, which include behavior, as well as appearance. There’s no clear answer as to what makes this or that fellow stand out from the crowd, but at the same time, there are some common qualities that your favorite type of men share.

Keen Mind

Not all men are equally intelligent. The smarter they are, the more the women seem to like them. Smart is the new sexy, as they say! However, do not confuse the ability to solve a crossword with the ability to think and comprehend. Knowing stuff is great, but it’s all about applying that knowledge.

Sense of Humor

Jokes are a vital part of any relationship. If your boyfriend gets easily offended, dump his sorry butt because if he can’t take a joke, he doesn’t deserve your time. Finding humor in difficult life situations and making fun of everything you see are the most important skills in any man’s life.

The Alpha Male

In our world, there are followers, and there are leaders. Women adore a strong-willed alpha male taking charge. The alpha knows exactly what has to be done, is completely confident in himself, and knows how to take responsibility for his words and actions. Being an alpha has nothing to do with physical attractiveness or social status. It’s all about the attitude, and the girls seem to dig it.

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